Innovation and efficiency in equal measure with the spraying concrete technique

Spraying concrete, also known as shotcrete, is a mixture composed of water, aggregate, cement, and additives.

At Solutioma, we employ this technique efficiently in a wide range of applications, including slope stabilization, lining of tunnels or bridges, and rehabilitation of structures. This solution is particularly effective for protection against erosion or degradation of the more unstable surface materials of a slope.

Increasingly frequent and intense weather phenomena cause erosion and rockfalls that pose a risk to infrastructure and people. For protection against such erosion and possible detachments, at Solutioma, we work with shotcrete or spraying concrete.

What features does spraying concrete have?

Hormigón proyectado

Spraying concrete or shotcrete is an active protection technique applied to the surface of the slope to ensure its stability, control its erosion, and prevent the detachment of superficial rock elements or soils from it.

The shotcreting process involves the mechanical projection of concrete by pushing the mixture with air pressure onto the surface of the slope in several layers, achieving a resistant, durable protection with high impermeability.

  • High yields in construction, as it does not require the use of formwork and moulds.
  • Better adjustment to the specific situation, allowing it to respond to numerous problems not solvable with conventional methods due to their difficult execution.
  • Easy adherence to the application support, high resistance, and compactness.
  • Simplicity in execution.
  • Capacity for thematic integration into the landscape.

The application of spraying concrete is extensive and diverse, covering a range of needs in civil and geotechnical engineering. From stabilizing slopes and embankments to lining structures such as tunnels or bridges, this technique provides surface protection and waterproofing.

Its function is to prevent erosion caused by water and the sun, thus avoiding weathering and small detachments. This is achieved by projecting these products under pressure so that they penetrate the holes and cracks of the slopes.

Opting for Solutioma for your projects that require the integration of spraying concrete is synonymous with trusting a team of highly skilled professionals committed to excellence.

  • We have specialized machinery to carry out the entire shotcreting process.
  • Our technical department studies and assesses the needs to combine it with techniques such as mesh or wire mesh anchored with bolts to achieve an integral solution.
  • We minimize the visual impact by seeking the desired color tone to achieve the landscape integration of the solution.

80% of a good shotcreting job depends on the skill, training, and experience of the shotcrete operator. Even with a good product and specialized machinery, an excellent operator is essential for efficient work. That is why Solutioma has several professionals on the team who act exclusively in shotcreting tasks.

Spraying concrete complements other solutions

At Solutioma, we recognize the area, evaluate existing needs, assess, and project the most appropriate solution. In situations where the slope is more unstable or an integral solution is required, the concrete is projected onto simple twist mesh, double twist mesh, electro-welded mesh, and fibres (steel and polypropylene).

This combination maximizes efficacy in preventing detachments and landslides, ensuring greater stability and resistance of the slope structure.

soluciones de hormigón proyectado

And it also allows us to offer custom solutions according to the project

Spraying concrete offers wide customization possibilities to improve landscape integration. Through the theming of shotcrete, using colourants that harmonize with the rocky hue of the surroundings, we manage to reduce its visual impact.

This solution is also effectively complemented with hydroseeding on adjoining lands, creating a natural and harmonious aesthetic that blends perfectly with the landscape.

This combination of spraying concrete and hydroseeding improves structural stability and promotes a greener and more sustainable environment, significantly contributing to the conservation and beautification of the natural environment.

Landscape integration of shotcrete with different colours:

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