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Rockfall Protection

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Advanced solutions for rockfall protection

At Solutioma, we are widely recognized for our exceptional career in rockfall protection, a critical area in structural and environmental safety. We pride ourselves on offering customized and highly effective solutions for each specific risk situation.

Our approach focuses on combining deep technical knowledge with the skill, experience, and dedication of our highly qualified team.

We specialize in designing, projecting, implementing, and executing the most advanced and innovative techniques in the sector.

This includes various services such as detailed risk assessments, custom protection system design, and the installation of the right solutions for each risk case.

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What solutions do we offer for rockfall protection?

The systems composed of double-twist mesh are a solution that retains or directs superficial detachments and protects the surroundings from the reach of these rocks.

Static rockfall barriers are designed to stop, at the moment of the rock fall, trees, or any material that detaches, thus protecting roads and infrastructures. They are specifically designed to ensure prolonged safety in critical areas prone to frequent detachments.

Dynamic rockfall barriers offer a solution for large rock detachments, capable of controlling a possible impact of great magnitudes. We study the possible fall trajectories and impacts to achieve the optimal placement and resistance of this system.

Attenuator systems mitigate the impact of rockfalls, intercepting the block at the top of the system and directing it through the curtain to the base of the slope, minimizing potential damage in critical areas.

Avalanche protection barriers are useful in mountainous regions, where they provide vital protection against snow slides and avalanches. These are systems capable of resisting the intense forces of these natural phenomena, helping to safeguard both infrastructures and human lives.

Wind blizzard protection barriers are solutions to prevent the problems caused by snow deposited by the wind on roads or paths. These systems play a crucial role in preventing damage caused by extreme weather.

Solutioma studies, projects, and installs debris flow barriers to control water flow efficiently, significantly reducing the risk of erosion and landslides. These interventions are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the soil in areas prone to water fluctuations.

Gabions are structures, usually of double-twist mesh, filled with rocks. This solution offers excellent resistance performance, acting as gravity walls and these solutions are especially suitable for adapting to the soil.

Slope scaling is an important part of the process at Solutioma, ensuring that the ground is meticulously free of unstable or hazardous materials. This solution is crucial for accident prevention, significantly contributing to the site’s safety and the efficiency of subsequent stabilization and rockfall protection projects.

Solutioma‘s technical department, thanks to our recognized experience in the rockfall protection sector, offers the study of each existing problem, designing, projecting, implementing, and executing the most appropriate situation of risk of falling materials.

Fully knowledgeable of the sector’s most innovative protection methods, we adjust solutions to each danger situation.



At Solutioma we are specialists in installing double-twist mesh

Avalanche protection barriers in Tavascan, Pirineos, by Solutioma


What is slope scaling?2024-04-17T07:02:35+00:00

Slope scaling is an essential process of slope conditioning, or by itself, a solution for the rockfall prevention.

This technique is applied in situations where there is a risk of detachments and scaling is necessary to provoke controlled detachments of the most unstable blocks.

There are various techniques for scaling, such as manual scaling by specialized professionals with levers, hydraulic jacks or demolition hammers and scaling with airbags or pneumatic cushions.

Each technique is selected and adapted according to the specific characteristics of the soil and the project requirements.

What is the scope of dynamic rockfall barriers?2024-04-18T12:14:41+00:00

Dynamic rockfall barriers are structures designed to stop or redirect the energy of a rockfall.

The energy ranges of the barriers go from 250 kJ to 10,000 KJ and the height ranges from 2.5 to 10 meters.

These screens absorb the kinetic energy of the detaching masses, through the deformation of the barrier itself and the energy dissipators, allowing for an effective containment of the detached rocks, minimizing the risk of damage to infrastructures and people.

What barriers exist for rockfall protection?2024-04-18T12:16:52+00:00
In what cases is it necessary to implement rockfall protection measures?2024-04-17T07:07:01+00:00

Rockfall protection measures are essential in areas at risk of falling rocks, avalanches, or landslides, such as mountainous zones, roads on steep slopes, and sites near quarries or land cuts. These systems act as a physical barrier to conduct or intercept the detachment or slide.

Do you have any doubts about rockfall protection?

We understand that when facing a significant project, it’s natural to have questions or concerns. Therefore, we invite you to contact us today. We are here to discuss your specific requirements and explore together how our custom solutions can benefit your project.

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