High-strength solution for slope stabilization and erosion control

Geomats with high-resistance membrane represent an innovative combined solution in the field of geotechnical engineering, designed for slope stabilization and erosion control.

This high-resistance membrane, integrated with a geomat, offers a protective barrier against erosion, landslides, and other types of soil deterioration. Its use has been extended across various projects.


Features and advantages of the system

Geomalla en la montaña

This solution stands out for its durability, strength and flexibility. It offers high resistance provided by the membrane, along with the erosion control offered by the geomat.

Due to its ability to promote vegetation growth, it becomes an ecological and aesthetic option for the rehabilitation of natural and urban landscapes.

Use in slope stabilization and erosion control

The high-resistance membrane with geomat is essential in slope stabilization and erosion control. It is used to reinforce areas prone to landslides and erosion, such as slopes, riverbanks, and coastal areas. Its design allows it to integrate with the terrain, providing a solid base for vegetation and improving soil stability.

This solution is a perfect combination of erosion protection and surface stabilization of slopes.

Innovations in materials and design

High-resistance geomats incorporate advanced materials and innovative designs. These improvements result in greater tensile strength, durability, and adaptability to different environmental and topographical conditions.

A suitable solution for each project

The choice of the right high-resistance membrane with geomat depends on several factors, such as the terrain’s topography, soil type, climatic conditions, and the magnitude of the load. At Solutioma, we offer expert advice to select the most suitable geomat for each specific project.

Installation process 

The installation process requires precision and care. At Solutioma, we have a team of trained and experienced professionals to ensure proper and efficient installation, adapting to the specifications of each project.

Maintenance strategies and lifespan

Although geomats are low-maintenance products, regular inspections are crucial to ensure their long-term functionality. Their lifespan can be significantly extended with proper maintenance, making them a cost-effective and sustainable investment.

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