Hydroseeding on slopes: a solution for erosion control and revegetation

Hydroseeding is one of the usual methods to prevent erosion on slopes, as it promotes effective, ecological, and quick revegetation.

This method consists of spraying a mixture of seeds, organic and inorganic fertilizers, plant fibres and a natural adhesive stabilizer.

This technique is particularly effective in preventing erosion and promoting plant growth in hard-to-reach areas and on poor or eroded soils.

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  • Hidrosiembra en taludes en la montaña
  • Hidrosiembra en taludes
  • Hidrosiembra en taludes con vegetación

The importance of hydroseeding for slopes

Hidrosiembra en Canfranc

Hydroseeding is crucial in controlling erosion and revegetating slopes, providing both a functional and aesthetic solution.

It helps to prevent soil erosion, improves environmental quality, and contributes to the landscape integration of slopes in roads, railways, and urbanized areas.

The purpose of hydroseeding is to achieve an initial herbaceous cover that serves as a vegetal base for the subsequent establishment of native plants.
Solutioma is among the pioneers in Spain in developing and implementing erosion control systems like Hydroseeding, having perfected the most suitable techniques over its trajectory to achieve maximum effectiveness and permanence.

Advanced technology in the application of hydroseeding

Applying hydroseeding requires precision and experience. We use state-of-the-art pumping equipment that allows for large-scale application, uniform and efficient coverage even on hard-to-access slopes.
Our team of experts ensures that the mixture is sprayed homogeneously, providing optimal coverage and promoting healthy and sustainable plant growth.

This solution is especially indicated for sowing surfaces with a high slope, poorly consolidated terrains, and spaces inaccessible to conventional machinery; that is, in spoil heaps, fronts of exploitation, and cuts and embankments of communication routes.

Hydroseeding, apart from offering erosion control solutions, allows landscape integration of the area affected by the works, significantly reducing the visual impact on the surroundings.

Hydroseeding on slopes is ideal for a wide range of projects like land restoration or improvement and erosion control and revegetation of the surface.

Adaptation of actions

It is of utmost importance that the application of hydroseeding is carried out at the appropriate time, autumn-winter in semi-arid climates, from autumn to spring in temperate climates, and in summer in high mountains.

For the proper development of the seeds success depends not only on the products but also on favorable soil edaphoclimatic conditions, which will act as support, as otherwise the seeds will not germinate.

Environmental and aesthetic benefits

The benefits of hydroseeding go beyond slope stabilization. This technique improves air and water quality, increases biodiversity, and offers a natural visual appeal. The revegetation of slopes with hydroseeding creates habitats for local fauna and fosters a healthier and more aesthetic environment for communities.

At Solutioma, we have successfully implemented hydroseeding projects on slopes under various conditions and environments. Our success stories range from projects in urban areas to the recovery of areas affected by mining or construction. Each project is a testament to our ability to tailor hydroseeding to the specific needs of the terrain and environment.
Solutioma’s experts have been experienced in hydroseeding since the early nineties, knowledgeable about the behavior of the ideal seed mixes for the various environmental and soil conditions existing in different geographical locations.

We are experts in customized hydroseeding solutions on slopes

At Solutioma, we understand that each hydroseeding project on slopes is unique. Our specialized team is committed to offering customized solutions that adapt to the specific characteristics of each slope and project. We use a comprehensive approach that combines advanced techniques, quality materials, and a deep respect for the environment.



Hidrosiembra en taludes con un camión
Hidrosiembra en taludes en la montaña
Hidrosiembra en taludes con vegetación

Do you have any more questions about hydroseeding on slopes?

If your project requires hydroseeding on slopes or if you are seeking specialized advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact Solutioma. We offer detailed analysis and tailored solutions to ensure the stability and sustainability of your slopes. Fill out our contact form or call us at 900 101 895 for more information, and we are at your disposal to assist you.