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Slope stabilization

With slope stabilization, we directly intervene on a slope or embankment exhibiting stability problems. Depending on the type of stability problem, various techniques exist for making landscape, infrastructure and buildings/spaces of public interest safe against landslide.

Solutioma identifies potential stability problems in slopes and embankments and then studies, designs, develops and deploys the solutions best suited to solving them. With years of experience in the field, Solutioma has perfected several slope stabilization techniques which can be adapted to the scale of the problem at hand.

Among the many slope stabilization solutions we offer are double-twist mesh, high-resistance membrane, cable mesh and ring mesh, drilling and anchor insertion at height, soil drainage solutions, shotcrete/gunite cladding and soil nailing.

We also specialize in composite solutions such as stabilization and reinforcement of cuttings, construction of green walls and construction of gabion walls.