Attenuator barrier system: innovation in protection

Attenuator barriers are at the forefront of slope protection solutions. These systems, designed to mitigate the impact of landslides and rockfalls, provide innovative and effective protection and adapt perfectly to a wide range of geological risks, thus ensuring safety and stability in critical areas.

Advanced design of attenuator systems

The success of an attenuator system is based on its advanced design, which incorporates high-strength materials. These systems are engineered to attenuate the impacts, significantly reducing the risk to infrastructures and people in nearby areas.

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These systems combine the interception structure of a dynamic barrier with the low maintenance advantages of meshes; they are used in mitigating the risk of rockfalls. The mesh extends like a curtain down the slope, capable of intercepting and directing the rockfalls.

How do attenuator barriers work?

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Attenuator barriers are employed on slopes where there is room for movement below the barrier, where rocks can be safely stopped or collected. It acts as a rock-guiding curtain that provides highly effective protection. The top of the system intercepts the falling rock, and the curtain directs it to the designated reception area.

A key feature of the attenuator barriers we implement at Solutioma is their ability to control the energy of potentially damaging impacts. This capability is crucial for ensuring protection in areas prone to landslides and rockfalls. The system’s flexibility ensures safety even after several impacts.

Unlike double-twist mesh in embankments, attenuator barriers, despite having a similar structure, provides protection for more voluminous and frequent detachments thanks to its high-strength membrane.

These systems feature high-strength membranes and are the ideal solution to protect infrastructures exposed to frequent rockfalls where there is enough space to use it as a reception area.

The system’s flexibility ensures safety even after several impacts.

The installation of attenuator barriers is a meticulous and personalized process. We evaluate each situation to design an installation strategy that perfectly adapts to the specific characteristics of the project.

Safe and effective installation

Our experts perform the installation following strict safety and efficiency standards, using advanced equipment to ensure a precise and reliable implementation.



Sistemas atenuadores en construcción
Sistemas atenuadores en la montaña

Do you need advice and customized solutions in attenuator barriers?

If you are considering implementing an attenuator barrier system in your project, our team of experts at Solutioma is available to offer personalized advice. We provide custom solutions that fit the specific needs of your project, ensuring the best protection and efficiency. Contact us by filling out our form or calling 900 101 895 for more information and advice.