Solutioma offers innovation in slope stabilization, such as Soil Nailing

At Solutioma, we specialize in the advanced technique of Soil Nailing, a highly effective and proven solution for the stabilization of slopes and embankments.

This containment and reinforcement technique involves the installation of reinforcement anchors, which, combined with a steel electro-welded mesh and the projection of shotcrete, guarantee the stability of a slope during the excavation process.

What is Soil Nailing?

Soil Nailing, or ground nailing, is a ground reinforcement technique that consolidates the slope through an integral solution composed of anchors, electro-welded mesh, and concrete projection.

This technique is commonly used in large excavations resulting from significant land movements, where considerable height cut slopes are generated.

Soil Nailing offers multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency and flexibility: It adapts to a wide range of soil types and geological conditions.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Minimal alteration of the landscape and natural surroundings.
  • Quick implementation: Allows for quick execution, ideal for time-constrained projects.

Evaluation and design

Once a comprehensive site evaluation has been carried out by our ground analysis specialists, it’s time to implement the solution. At Solutioma, we focus on adapting and executing a customized Soil Nailing system, based on the information and specifications of the terrain. Our approach is centred on the practical and effective application of this technique, ensuring that the slope stabilization strategy fits perfectly the specific characteristics and needs of the site.

Installation of the anchors

The technique of Soil Nailing begins by executing the anchors that will primarily work under tension. Once the high-strength steel bars are introduced and injected, one or more layers of electro-welded mesh are installed, and the anchors are adjusted.

Application of sprayed concrete

Subsequently, a layer of sprayed concrete or shotcrete is applied over the slope surface, thus concluding the reinforcement, with the necessary layers being applied to cover the mesh and the heads of the anchors.

The characteristics of the bolts, reinforcement, and sprayed concrete will always depend on the reinforcement needs of the terrain.

  • In building construction: it is a technique applied in reinforcing slopes, excavation, basements, parking lots, etc.
  • In civil engineering: this technique is used for the stabilization and reinforcement of cut slopes in roads, superstructures, tunnels, etc.

It is a technique that not only guarantees the stability of the slope but, consequently, allows the development of safe working conditions for operators on-site beneath the slope.

Solutioma’s commitment to Soil Nailing

At Solutioma, we execute the Soil Nailing solution, performing everything from the anchors to the concrete projection using the most advanced techniques in the sector and with our specialized machinery.

At Solutioma, we study, design, size, project, and execute the appropriate Soil Nailing solutions.



Soil Nailing - La Orotava, SC Tenerife 2022
Soil Nailing Solutioma

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