Geocells for slopes: an advanced solution in erosion control

Geocells are an ideal technique for erosion control on slopes subjected to continuous erosive phenomena and sliding.

These three-dimensional structures, made of materials such as polyethylene, form a net of cells that are filled with various types of materials, such as soil, gravel or concrete, and fixed to the ground.

Their application is fundamental in numerous projects, offering effective solutions for soil stabilization and erosion control.


Advantages of geocells in slope stabilization

Geoceldas en Vielha

Geocells stand out for their ability to improve ground resistance, distribute loads evenly, and reduce pressure on underlying structures.

Their flexibility and durability make them suitable for a wide range of environmental and topographical conditions.

Use in slope stabilization and erosion control

Geocells for slopes are essential in slope stabilization and erosion control projects. They are used to reinforce unstable hillsides, prevent landslides, and mitigate the impact of erosion.

Their main applications include:

  • Embankment and cut slopes.
  • Over waterproof membranes.
  • Over concrete in hard terrains.
  • Riverbank linings.
  • Containment dykes.
  • Landfills.
  • Protection of abutments.
  • Land-covered structures.

Composition and structure of the solution

It is formed by gathered high-density polyethylene strips that provide high structural resistance. This way, a very resistant alveolar structure is obtained that confines and retains the filling used in the system.

These systems allow the lining of high-slope hillsides exposed to erosive forces thanks to the combination of their flexibility with a suitable anchoring technique, also allowing the execution of surface treatments for complete vegetation.

The importance of the proper selection of geocells for each project

A careful and strategic choice of the right geocell for a specific project is crucial, as this decision directly impacts the effectiveness and durability of the stabilization solution. Critical factors such as terrain topography, specific soil composition, climatic conditions and the magnitude of expected loads must be meticulously evaluated and considered in the selection process.

In this context, Solutioma stands out for offering expert and highly specialized advice, and also having extensive experience in the installation and execution of these solutions.

Installation and customization of geocells

The installation of geocells is a process that requires knowledge and experience. At Solutioma, we ensure that the installation is carried out efficiently and effectively, following the best practices and industry standards.

Once implemented, this technique allows the application of hydroseeding or even planting on it, improving its conditions for erosion control and soil confinement, in addition to environmental integration.

The contribution of geocells to environmental sustainability

Geocells offer efficient structural solutions and have a positive impact on the environment. Their use reduces the need for conventional construction materials and promotes sustainable development.

Geocells in environmental restoration projects

In environmental restoration projects, geocells play a vital role. They facilitate the regeneration of degraded areas, help stabilize eroded soils and contribute to the conservation of the natural landscape.



Geoceldas en Vielha

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