Innovative solutions in meshes for rockfalls

A high-resistance membrane is the ideal solution for slopes with a high risk of detachment of materials such as rocks and soil.

These membranes represent an optimal alternative for the stabilization of certain types of slopes, offering essential protection in a wide range of geological conditions.

Their support capacity and resistance against nature’s forces make them a resource for preserving the integrity of vulnerable lands.

  • Membranas de alta resistencia Lleida
  • Membrana de alta resistencia Girona
  • Membrana de alta resistencia Tarragona
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  • Membrana de alta resistencia Lleida

Features of high-resistance membranes

Membrana de alta resistencia Barcelona

The high-resistance membranes implemented by Solutioma are draped over the terrain and held in place by passive or active rock bolts designed to transmit loads down to the bedrock, thereby providing the required degree of resistance. This process provides an anchorage to the terrain necessary for effective and lasting stabilization.

Depending on the nature of the terrain, this solution may also incorporate horizontal cables for improved load absorption capacity and overall system resistance. This meticulous attention to detail in design and implementation ensures a highly reliable solution adapted to the specific complexities of each terrain.

Among the advantages presented by the system, the following can be highlighted:

  • High integration capacity in the environment, allowing revegetation in the areas that require it.
  • High resistance capacity.
  • Quick installation procedure, increasing working yields.
  • High load capacities.
  • The cabling allows a better adjustment to the terrain.

Applications and characteristics:

  • Control of large block detachments.
  • Stabilization of large unstable masses.
  • Stabilization of slopes with frequent rockfall problems of variable power.

In flexible systems composed of high-resistance membranes, anchors, and distribution cables, the membranes act by retaining the material that superficially detaches from the unstable terrain and transmitting the tensions to the rest of the elements, with the anchors guaranteeing the overall stability of the slope.

The mech membrane is conceived as a passive action that comes into operation after the mobilization of the terrain. These types of membranes are characterized by their resistance to tension and puncture, thus according to the requirements of the terrain and the area to be stabilized, the one whose characteristics best suit the existing issue will be installed. The bar anchors or bores are also sized according to the needs, not through a single pattern.

Flexible membranes reinforced with cable

Flexible membranes reinforced with cable are extremely effective in containing and stabilizing movements of large masses of unstable soil and rock, firmly fixing them to prevent their detachment.

Thanks to their flexible design, these membranes precisely adapt to the variations and complexities of the terrain, thus providing a durable, reliable, and highly efficient solution. Their ability to conform to different shapes and geological conditions makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications in engineering and construction projects.

At Solutioma, we study, define, calculate, and size the high-resistance membrane systems entirely. From the specific choice of the type of membrane, the capacity of the anchor to be executed, the characteristics of the distribution cables, the anchors, etc., we size and execute the most appropriate solution.



Membranas de alta resistencia Lleida
Membrana de alta resistencia Tarragona
Membrana de alta resistencia Girona



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