Innovative solutions in three-dimensional geomat

As specialists in erosion control projects, we would like to highlight that the three-dimensional geomat represents a comprehensive system against erosion.

These mats are formed of filaments that interweave among themselves, forming a very resistant, permeable, and durable three-dimensional net.

Its design allows the retention of fines, integrating it into the land and preventing the washing away caused by the effects of wind and rain.

Geomalla tridimensional

Features and benefits of the three-dimensional geomat

Geomalla tridimensional - Manresa, Barcelona - 2023

Three-dimensional geomats are characterized by their adaptability to different topographies, resistance to adverse environmental factors, and ease of installation. Here are some of their features and advantages, in general terms:

  • Permanent protection against erosion caused by water and wind from the moment of its installation.

  • Promotes rapid and homogeneous vegetation growth.

  • Root reinforcement system.

  • High permeability that increases water retention in the soil.

  • Great flexibility and high adaptation to the terrain’s morphology.

  • Support for hydroseeding and landscape integration.

  • Resistant to chemical and biological agents.

When do we incorporate the three-dimensional geomat?

Once the problem is recognized and the conditions of the terrain are studied, one of the solutions we work with is the incorporation of the geomat. We incorporate this solution in:

  • Landscaping works.
  • Restoration works in landfills, spoil heaps, mines, etc.
  • Protection of slopes against erosion in excavation slopes.
  • Protection of slopes in linear works.

The material with which the geomats are manufactured is especially indicated in areas where erosion is significant, and soil conditions are unfavorable for the establishment of complete vegetation.

Integration with the environment

Three-dimensional geomats not only offer structural solutions but also significant environmental benefits. They allow the integration of vegetation, improving the aesthetics and health of the surrounding ecosystem. This aspect is of utmost importance for projects seeking a balance between infrastructural development and environmental conservation.

They have an internal hollow space that allows retaining topsoil and facilitates the development of a net of roots and stems, after applying hydroseeding on it. Its effect is very useful and effective in areas of slopes. This net formed by mat, soil, roots, and stems provides a comprehensive system against erosion.

Implementation and installation techniques

The installation of three-dimensional geomat requires a meticulous and specialised approach. Solutioma ensures that each phase, from site preparation to geomat placement and anchoring, is carried out with the utmost precision and efficiency. This guarantees not only correct installation but also optimised performance and durability.

Technical considerations and customization of solutions

Adaptability and customized design

Each project presents its challenges and requirements. Three-dimensional geomats offer great adaptability, allowing customization to meet the specific needs of each project. Solutioma works closely with its clients to design personalized solutions that fit perfectly the technical and environmental requirements of each situation.

Three-dimensional geomats are often combined with hydroseeding and slope stabilization systems such as mesh or reinforced mesh, thus reinforcing the system and providing it with greater tensile strength, preventing possible breaks in the geomat due to the punctual accumulation of material.



Geomalla tridimensional
Geomalla tridimensional
Geomalla tridimensional - Manresa, Barcelona - 2023

Do you need advice on the three-dimensional geomat?

Our experts are available to guide clients through each stage of the process, from the selection of the appropriate geomat to its installation and maintenance. If your project requires the effective protection of a three-dimensional geomat, we invite you to contact our team of experts at Solutioma.

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