Geomat with double-twist mesh for slopes: advanced reinforcement and stabilization

In the field of geotechnical and environmental engineering, slope stabilization is a constant challenge. Geomat with double-twist mesh for slopes represents an innovative and efficient solution in this area, being an essential solution in slope stabilization and erosion control.

Solutioma specializes in the implementation of high-quality geomats with double-twist mesh, customizing each solution to the specific needs of each project, ensuring effective integration into the environment and prolonged durability.

  • Geomalla para Taludes en construcción
  • Malla con geomalla en la montaña
  • Geomalla para Taludes en Teruel
  • Geomalla para Taludes en la carretera
  • Geomalla para Taludes
  • Malla con geomalla en la carretera

What is a geomat with double-twist mesh, and how does it work?

Malla con geomalla en la carretera

Geomat with double-twist mesh is a solution that integrates a three-dimensional polymeric mat with the reinforcement of a double-twist mesh.

We use this integrated solution in surface stabilization actions that require a combination of erosion protection and slope stabilization.

Geomats with double-twist mesh offer numerous benefits in slope stabilization and erosion control projects:

Improvement of structural stability

Compared to traditional three-dimensional geomat, geomat with double-twist mesh offers reinforcement for surface stabilization of the slope.

This solution is crucial for strengthening the stability of structures, providing safety and reliability to the slope. Additionally, it acts as a surface protective layer that prevents erosion and helps to revegetation.

Flexibility and adaptability

The flexibility of geomats with double-twist mesh allows them to adapt to different shapes and topographies. This adaptability makes them ideal for a wide range of applications and different terrains.

Made with materials resistant to chemical and biological degradation, geomats with double-twist mesh represent a durable solution. They are capable of withstanding adverse environmental conditions, such as UV exposure and temperature changes.

Geomats with double-twist mesh are extremely versatile and are used in a wide range of engineering projects:

Erosion control and slope stabilization

The combination of the two integrated solutions in one allows the different techniques to be installed at the same time, being able to act quickly and effectively.

Revegetation and visual impact

The geomat allows vegetation to grow quickly. After the recovery of this vegetation, the slope fits harmoniously into the landscape and, therefore, improves the visual impact. We achieve environmental integration of the solution.

Installation process

Our expert team carries out the installation of geomats with double-twist mesh with precise technical procedures to ensure their effectiveness and durability.



Malla con geomalla - C-28 Esterri d'Àneu, Lleida - 2023
Geomalla para Taludes
Geomalla para Taludes en Teruel

Do you have any more questions about geomat with double-twist mesh for slopes?

If your project requires geomat with double-twist mesh for slopes or you are seeking specialized advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact Solutioma. We offer detailed analysis and customized solutions to ensure the stability and safety of your slopes. Fill out our contact form or call us at 900 101 895 for more information, and we will be delighted to assist you.