Dynamic rockfall containment barriers

Dynamic rockfall barriers represent an advanced and highly efficient solution for protection in areas susceptible to large rock detachments. These barriers are capable of controlling a potential impact of great magnitude.

Technology and design in dynamic barriers

These barriers absorb the kinetic energy of the detached blocks, through the deformation of the barrier itself and the energy dissipators, allowing for effective containment of the rocks, minimizing the risk of damage to infrastructures and people.

The structure of the screens will vary according to the system’s requirements, according to the required energy absorption.

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In general terms, their structure consists of steel posts, a base for connection to a baseplate, baseplate anchors, and hillside anchors. And the closing element that will depend on the required absorption capacity and it may integrate different types of membranes, which optionally will be overlaid with a double-twist mesh that prevents the fall of smaller stones.

Operation of dynamic rockfall barriers

Dynamic rockfall barriers operate under specialized engineering principles to absorb and dissipate the energy generated by rockfalls.. These systems are capable of stopping rocks of various sizes and speeds, providing safe protection in high-risk areas.

Among the main characteristics of the system, it’s important to highlight its high recovery capacity after impact.

This is a very efficient technique in cases of frequent rockfalls from very high or even inaccessible slopes and in scattered actions, used when anchoring and confining the masses at risk of detachment is impossible or costly.

Being a passive protection system, they are located between the origin zone of the rockfall and the area to be protected (road, building, etc.). Based on the size of the blocks at risk of detachment and their expected trajectory, at Solutioma we define the height, as well as the necessary energy absorption capacity.

Innovation in materials and construction

It’s also worth highlighting their high capacity for integration into the environment with its consequent low environmental impact generated, becoming one of the main measures against detachments that best combine protection with respect for the environment.

Each project with dynamic barriers is adapted according to the needs of the slope.. Through the study of possible fall trajectories of the rock elements, we study the most appropriate points to install the dynamic barriers.

Moreover, considering the impacts they will have to hold, their dimensions are calculated to achieve the optimal point of resistance. In this way, and with relatively little material, large rockfalls are controlled, making them an ideal solution to be placed in difficult-to-access locations.

A detailed and safe installation process

The installation of dynamic barriers is carried out following strict safety and efficiency protocols. Our specialized team uses advanced techniques to ensure a quick and reliable installation.

At Solutioma, our commitment to safety is reflected in every action we undertake. We seek solutions that offer maximum protection, while respecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

Reduced environmental impact and protection of the surroundings

The dynamic rockfall barriers are designed to be integrated harmoniously with the surroundings, reducing their visual and environmental impact.

Solutioma’s technical department thoroughly studies each rockfall risk situation, designing, projecting, and executing the most appropriate solution, ensuring protection against rockfalls and adapting to the most current techniques of integration into the environment.



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