Forestry work companies: commitment to landscape and environment

Forestry work is essential for the management and conservation of the landscape and environment. In this context, specialized forestry work companies, like Solutioma, play a crucial role.

Our actions aim not only to maintain and improve natural spaces, but also to achieve a balance between human activity and environmental preservation.

What is forestry work, and what is its scope?

Forestry work encompasses a wide range of activities related to the management and care of forests and natural areas.

These include: silviculture, reforestation, and landscape management.

These activities are fundamental to maintaining healthy ecosystems and ensuring the sustainability of natural resources.

What forestry services does Solutioma offer?

Solutioma has extensive experience in planting, silviculture, restoration, vertical work, and environmental integration techniques, and carries out all types of wood constructions, such as walkways, bridges, or viewpoints.

This technique consists of applying a layer of a weathering agent to recently cut rock and to recently completed concrete structures. With this treatment, the surfaces acquire the tonality of stone that has been exposed for years to the elements in order to blend in with the surroundings.

The product used by Solutioma is not paint, it is an active substance that reacts with the treated surface and accelerates the natural weathering process. It is totally respectful to animal and plant life, and proof of this is the treatments we have carried out on hydro-sowed slopes with excellent results. Depending on the nature of the soil -acid or basic- and the tonality desired by the customer, the various components are combined in one way or another.

Solutioma carries out all kinds of forestry clearing, both manual and mechanical, by means of cutting, clearing road ditches, canals, residential complexes, forest tracks, public and private estates etc. We always do the clearing work with our own personnel, equipment and machinery.

At Solutioma, we carry out a complicated task of felling large trees and/or trees which must be brought down in a certain direction.

We carry all kinds of specialized pruning work, both manually and mechanically, at height, hedges and controlled pruning done by specialized cutters. Solutioma carries out pruning work in an urban environment, in rural areas, on road links (motorways, dual carriageways etc.).

At Solutioma, we design, calculate and build all kinds of timber bridges, walkways, and viewpoints for exteriors, usually made of autoclave-treated wood.
Despite the fact that we have developed various models, we make them to measure and design them according to the needs of our customers. We can use just wood for the simpler constructions, or we can combine wood with other materials such as stone, concrete or steel, for more complex structures, always selecting the most suitable for the terrain.

The bridges have a rustic appearance, ideal for walking trails, nature reserves and natural areas in general.

Paisaje y medioambiente



Slope stabilisation and pedestrian access. Playa La Zamora – La Palma

Construction of the walkway of the coastal path – Canlonge i Sant Antoni

Do you have any further questions about forestry work?

If you require forestry work services or specialized advice in this field, do not hesitate to contact Solutioma. We offer detailed analysis and customized solutions to contribute to the health and sustainability of your forest and natural spaces. Fill out our contact form or call us at 900 101 895 for more information. We are here to assist you.