Solutioma offers solutions for advanced slope stabilization with ring mesh

At Solutioma, we implement ring mesh systems for slope stabilization in areas at risk of detachment.

These systems, anchored to the ground using passive or active bolts, are crucial for transmitting the load to a sufficient depth, reaching the rock substrate.

This technique guarantees the necessary support capacities, providing an effective and lasting stabilization solution in varied geological conditions.

Red de anillos - Lloret de Mar, Girona

Features and specifications of the ring mesh

red de anillos para taludes Lleida

This type of system prevents detachments and movements of large blocks, stones, rock volumes, etc., unstables on the slope, fixing them and thus preventing their detachment.

They are especially suitable for large-volume rock masses that need to be stabilized and require a membrane that, due to its flexibility, can fully adapt to its surface irregularities.

Among the advantages of the system, we highlight:

  • High integration capacity, allowing in areas that require it, its revegetation.
  • Flexibility.
  • Quick installation procedure.
  • High load capacities.
  • Great versatility and ease of installation.

At Solutioma, we carry out a complete study to define, calculate, and size the ring mesh systems. From the choice of the type of mesh to the sizing of the anchors and distribution cables, we ensure that each system adapts perfectly to the specific needs of the project, thus guaranteeing optimal and customized results​​.

Some of its fundamental applications are:

  • Control of large block detachments.
  • Stabilization of large unstable masses.
  • Stabilization of slopes with frequent rockfall issues that require high-capacity protection.

All the elements that form part of the system are sized according to the existing real needs, not through a single pattern. The ring mesh can be installed directly on the terrain or over double-twist mesh to prevent small rock fragments from passing through the main ring.

It is also possible to install it over double-twist mesh and geomat if there is presence of altered rocks and soils, and it can also be complemented with hydroseeding.



red de anillos para taludes
red de anillos para taludes



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At Solutioma we are specialists in the installation of ring networks.

Why choose Solutioma’s solutions of ring mesh?

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