Achieve efficiency and durability in rockfall protection with double-twist mesh

Double-twist mesh has established itself as a fundamental solution in civil engineering projects, especially in slope stabilization and rockfall protection.

These meshes, known for their versatility, are an indispensable tool in preventing detachments and protecting infrastructures and natural areas.

The unique design of the double-twist mesh

Generally, these are systems that retain or direct small rock detachments, whose size exceeds the mesh opening, and protect the environment from the reach of these blocks.

The design of double-twist mesh consists of an intertwining of galvanized steel wires, forming a hexagonal structure. This configuration provides exceptional flexibility, allowing the mesh to adapt to terrain irregularities.

These systems can also be combined with erosion control systems to improve ground conditions.

The suspended mesh or mesh with counterweight is a solution that guides the landslide, rather than preventing it. The rocks slide in a controlled manner between the slope and the mesh and end up in the ditch rather than on the road.

This technique is very suitable when the aim is to prevent small detachments of stones of reduced size and weight, being optimal in situations of recurrent detachments that constantly need to be cleaned.

We usually work on roadsides and on railway tracks. The installation work for any type of metallic mesh is carried out under the most stringent safety measures and always by teams of operatives specialised in working at height.

Malla de triple torsión tendida en Tenerife
Malla de triple torsión tendida en la montaña
Instalación de malla de triple torsión tendida

Double-twist mesh traps are designed for intercepting and channeling light to moderate rockfalls occurring at any point between the brow and the base of the slope. Its installation prevents the affectation of infrastructures due to the irruption of stones on the roadway.

The main applications of this type of mesh trap systems could be summarized as:

  1. Protection against detachments on slopes in mountain areas where there are problems of moderate rock detachments.
  2. Protection against detachments on cut slopes resulting from the execution of railways, conventional or highways, where the aim is to eliminate the affectation to infrastructures by falling rocky elements.

It is a variant of the conventional laid mesh especially suitable in areas where the height of the slope is significant, while its orography allows us to intercept the detachments that are generated.

By installing elevated stakes or light posts, the mesh curtain is lifted, with the help of the longitudinal crown cable, which allows any small rocky element to be intercepted. Its fall directed to the foot of the slope.

From the technical department of Solutioma, we advise, design, and execute the most suitable solution to guarantee the best results.

Malla de triple torsión tendida en la carretera
Malla de triple torsión tendida en Zaragoza
Malla de triple torsión tendida - Montant de Tost



Mallas de triple torsión
Malla de triple torsión tendida en el campo
Malla de triple torsión reforzada en la carretera



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