Advanced techniques in slope revegetation

Substrate spraying is an essential technique designed for the revegetation of slopes, landscape integration, and erosion control.

This process involves the application of a combination of substrates and plant seeds on inclined surfaces to promote vegetation growth.

It is an effective method not only for preventing soil erosion, but also for integrating these areas into the surrounding natural environment.

Revegetación de Taludes

Ecological and structural benefits of substrate spraying

Slope revegetation offers multiple benefits, including improving soil stability, reducing the visual impact of constructions, and contributing to local biodiversity.

Moreover, it is a sustainable solution that helps minimize the environmental footprint of construction and restoration projects.

Selection of suitable substrates and seeds

Choosing substrates and seeds is a critical step in slope revegetation. Substrates must be capable of providing a sustainable growing medium for the plants.

At Solutioma, we mechanically project mulch bark, vegetable compost, topsoil, plant shredding residues, and other similar materials used in environmental improvements.

Innovations in substrate spraying

Substrate spraying techniques have significantly evolved, incorporating advanced materials and application methods that enhance the effectiveness of the revegetation process. These innovations include substrates enriched with nutrients and mechanical techniques for more efficient and uniform distribution.

The system constitutes a natural solution to erosion and visual impact problems typically occurring in slopes made in construction works.

The main advantages of substrate spraying are:

  • Protection against erosion.
  • Surface stabilization of the slope.
  • Creation of artificial ground.
  • Landscape integration of slopes.
  • Eco-friendly solution compared to a concrete wall.

With this revegetation technique, we stabilize slopes and return them to nature. This system is primarily applied on rocky slopes, concrete or sprayed concrete walls where vegetation would not thrive with only hydroseeding.

Revegetation process

This layer constitutes a genuine topsoil, retaining moisture and favouring vegetation development. Plants root in this favourable substrate and seek long-term rooting.

The substrate also favors the development of native vegetation that progressively colonizes the slope as a result of the arrival of seeds from nearby plants.

The system ultimately provides a natural solution to erosion and visual impact problems.

Importance in the recovery of degraded areas

Beyond its use in engineering projects, slope revegetation plays a crucial role in the recovery of degraded areas, such as mines, quarries, and abandoned urban zones. It contributes to landscape restoration and the re-establishment of damaged ecosystems.

Contribution to sustainability and the environment

Slope revegetation is a sustainable practice that offers significant environmental benefits. It helps reduce soil erosion, improves air quality, and promotes biodiversity, contributing to the health and sustainability of local ecosystems.

Integration with ecological restoration strategies

Revegetation is a key tool in ecological restoration strategies. It allows the reintegration of altered areas into the natural environment, improving the aesthetics of the landscape and favoring the creation of habitats for local fauna.



Specialists in substrate spraying

Slope scaling with airbags

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