Erosion control

Erosion control

Erosion control2024-04-16T14:50:53+00:00

Innovative bioengineering solutions for erosion control

At Solutioma, we develop advanced solutions in the bioengineering field for erosion control, a crucial aspect in the environmental integration of sensitive areas.

Our techniques, often complemented by slope stabilization works, are fundamental for the preservation of lands and also enhance the sustainability and resilience of natural surroundings against environmental challenges.

We understand that effective erosion control is crucial not only for safety but also for the sustainability of any action. We are committed to providing customized and technically advanced solutions, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency in each project.

  • Hidrosiembra en taludes
  • Hidromanta
  • Manta orgánica en Ginesta
  • Varios muros de gaviones
  • Geoceldas
  • Geomalla para Taludes en la carretera
  • Muro verde
  • Hidrosiembra en taludes con un camión

What solutions do we offer in erosion control?

Hydroseeding is an effective technique we use for the revegetation of slopes, eroded soils and embankments, with which we manage to control its erosion and integrate other solutions into the landscape, reducing the environmental impact.

The hydro-blanket is an ecological anti-erosion membrane used in places where erosion control is needed, and hydroseeding is not sufficient. This system is particularly ideal for areas exposed to extreme conditions such as heavy rains or strong winds.

The organic blanket is a net of biodegradable organic fabric, effective in promoting the natural regeneration of the terrain. It not only helps in the restoration of eroded areas but also plays a crucial role in preventing future landslides, strengthening the soil, and encouraging vegetation growth.

Green walls stabilize slopes and integrate an aesthetic and ecological solution. This option is suitable for projects seeking a balance between functionality and respect for the surroundings.

Three-dimensional geomats are suitable solutions for erosion control problems, facilitating revegetation and drainage. They protect a slope from erosion caused by the flow of rainwater or rivers.

For land prone to erosion and also needing protection against rockfalls, the most suitable solution is the combination of geomat with double-twist mesh. This solution improves soil resistance and optimizes water and vegetation management, contributing to the health and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Geomats with high-resistance membrane provide high performance, applied to needs for surface stabilization of slopes that also require protection against erosion.

Geocells, used at Solutioma, are a soil confinement system, not only improving load and stability in eroded areas but also ideal for erosion control in terrains subject to continuous erosive phenomena.

Solutioma studies, designs, and installs barriers against debris flows to control the flow of water efficiently, significantly reducing the risk of erosion and landslides. These interventions are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the terrain in areas prone to water fluctuations or extreme weather conditions.

The substrate spraying technique is a solution for soil improvement and area recovery. It involves projecting components that favour the development of vegetation and soil regeneration, while also creating a layer that protects against erosion.



Varios muros de gaviones
Manta orgánica en Ginesta
Hidrosiembra en taludes con un camión


How to revegetate a slope?2024-04-18T12:08:23+00:00

To achieve slope revegetation, we find several techniques such as hydroseeding, hydro-blanket, organic blanket, or green walls for slope stabilization.
These solutions are fundamental for the preservation of lands and also improve the sustainability and resilience of natural environments against environmental challenges.

What are geomats with double-twist mesh or geomats with mats?2024-04-17T06:59:41+00:00

Geomat with double-twist mesh is a solution that integrates a three-dimensional polymeric mat with the reinforcement of a double-twist mesh.

This comprehensive solution is applied in actions where a combination of erosion protection and surface stabilization of the slope is required. These systems can also be combined with a revegetation solution, such as hydroseeding, to achieve greater landscape integration and promote biodiversity.

How does erosion control contribute to environmental preservation?2024-04-17T06:59:23+00:00

Erosion control helps preserve the environment by preventing soil degradation, water body sedimentation, and biodiversity loss. It also reduces water pollution and maintains the ecosystem quality.

In what cases is it necessary to implement erosion control measures?2024-04-17T07:01:23+00:00

Erosion control measures are necessary in areas prone to soil erosion, such as degraded slopes, riverbanks, areas affected by wildfires, and construction sites, where we find cohesive materials and direct exposure to weather effects, mainly rain and run-off water.

Would you like more information about our erosion control solutions?

Contact us today to explore customized solutions to your challenges. Discover how our innovative techniques can protect and preserve the integrity of your project. We are here to turn your challenges into opportunities for success.

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