Wind blizzard protection barriers: a comprehensive solution for areas of high wind exposure

Wind blizzard protection barriers, also known as windbreak barriers, represent a comprehensive solution for protecting areas and structures exposed to blizzards and snow, such as communication routes, mountain passes, and some points at ski resorts.

At Solutioma, as specialists in protection against rockfalls, we install these crucial structures to mitigate the effects of snowfall, making wind blizzard protection barriers ideal for preventing snow from invading roads.

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How do wind blizzard protection barriers work?

Barreras antiventiscas

Wind blizzard protection barriers are placed close to the road or area to be protected and in sections perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing wind.

Thus, the snow carried by the blizzard is deposited in front of the screen and not behind it, where the infrastructure to be protected is located.

This strategic placement of the barriers allows the snow to be intercepted before it reaches critical areas. Being placed perpendicular to the wind, these structures act as a filter that reduces wind speed and causes snow to accumulate on its windward side, that is, the side facing the wind.

In areas with flat or gently sloping topography where snow is common, often the blizzard is more troublesome than the snowfall itself. Generally, when it snows, snow is removed from the road. However, there are areas where the wind continuously deposits snow back on the road.

The wind carries the snow by lifting and displacing it. In areas where blizzards occur, the problem is continuous, with snow being redeposited after the passage of snow removal machinery.

The installation of wind blizzard protection barriers is a process that requires precision and experience. At Solutioma, we handle every step, from the initial site analysis to the final execution, ensuring the effectiveness of the implemented solution.

We work with different types of barriers depending on the area’s needs, according to the greater or lesser need for resistance. These barriers can be:

  • Steel, used for its resistance.
  • Autoclave-treated wood, used for its better integration into the environment.

En Solutioma estudiamos en cada caso que material es más apropiado y calculamos los valores óptimos de altura y distancia entre las diferentes filas, desarrollando soluciones concretas que se ajusten a los requerimientos de la necesidad específica a cubrir. Nuestra flexibilidad garantiza que cada solución sea eficaz y duradera.

Análisis detallado sobre la solución

La barrera antiventisca es una solución adecuada si lo que se pretende es evitar la acumulación de nieve de forma continuada en infraestructuras como carreteras, vías férreas o caminos por la acción del viento.

Si lo que pretende es proteger áreas de posibles avalanchas de nieve en movimiento, existen métodos más adecuados y eficientes como las barreras antialudes, una solución con la que también actuamos en Solutioma.



Barreras antiventiscas Lleida
Barreras antiventiscas Barcelona
Barreras antiventiscas Catalunya



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