Slope scaling: advanced techniques for rockfall protection

Slope scaling is an essential process of land conditioning for its subsequent stabilization or, on its own, can also be a solution for preventing rockfalls.

This practice involves evaluating and treating the slope to ensure it is safe, stable, and suitable for subsequent necessary actions.

It is a crucial step in preventing issues from unstable rockfalls.

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Slope scaling is vital in slope stabilization projects

In the context of stabilization and rockfall protection projects, slope scaling is fundamental to ensure the safety of the slope.

Properly scaled slopes provide a solid and reliable base, essential for any subsequent action, whether it is stabilization, rockfall protection or erosion control.

At Solutioma, we employ various techniques for slope scaling. These include manual scaling by specialized professionals using levers, hydraulic jacks or demolition hammers, expansive cements, scaling with airbags or pneumatic cushions. Each technique is selected and adapted based on the specific characteristics of the land and the project requirements.

At Solutioma, we have professionals trained and experienced in high-altitude work and slope stabilization, essential to carry out the process correctly and ensure safe and efficient use of slope scaling.

Depending on the slope’s characteristics, its location, and the study of the trajectory of falling blocks, the best technique for their controlled removal will be established.

Airbags or pneumatic cushions

We use advanced technologies such as airbags for rock scaling.

This innovative technology for controlled slope scaling comprises a prior evaluation of the slope, establishing appropriate protective measures, and working with airbags to knock down unstable blocks in a controlled manner before finally proceeding to remove the debris.

Controlled scaling with pneumatic cushions minimizes subsequent actions and increases the slope’s stability, anticipating unwanted rockfalls. Additionally, it is a versatile and effective solution allowing our team to operate safely.

The surface slope scaling is applied in situations where there is a risk of rockfalls, and before implementing any stabilization and protection solutions, scaling is necessary to provoke controlled detachments of the most unstable blocks.

This technique can function as a standalone solution in a specific project or as the first phase in an integral solution, in those actions that require other technical needs.

Extensive experience in successful slope scaling cases

At Solutioma, we have led a series of successful slope scaling projects. These actions have been carried out using both manual techniques and the latest airbag technology.

Each case is a testament to our ability to adapt solutions to the specific needs of the project and terrain, ensuring optimal and safe results.

At Solutioma, we understand that each project is unique. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions that not only meet the immediate needs of the project but also consider long-term stability and protection. We use a multidisciplinary approach that combines technical expertise, innovation, and a commitment to quality and safety.



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