Advanced solutions from Solutioma in bores and anchors

Bores and anchors are a fundamental part of integral slope stabilization systems, although on certain occasions they can be used in isolation for the stabilization of rock masses.

This is a support technique that involves making a bore in the ground, where a steel bar and cement grout will subsequently be introduced, providing tensile strength by exploiting the rock’s resistance characteristics, facilitating its support.

Their role in integrated systems is vital to ensure the safety and stability of a wide range of geological structures.

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  • Perforaciones y bulones Solutioma
  • Perforaciones y bulones en la montaña
  • Perforaciones y bulones en la montaña
  • Perforaciones y bulones en el descampado
  • Perforaciones y bulones en acción
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Features of bores and anchors in slope stabilization

Perforaciones y bulones en la montaña

Anchors are crucial elements for reinforcing slopes and rock masses, offering solid and reliable anchorage to the ground.

These elements significantly improve soil cohesion and strength, being ideal in terrains prone to landslides or detachments.

Anchors allow land or rock masses, which would otherwise be unstable, to maintain their position, which is especially useful in areas where geological conditions are unfavourable or in zones of high seismic activity.

Moreover, anchors are fundamental in the construction of civil works such as tunnels, mountain roads, or dams. Their use provides safety to these structures and helps to prolong their lifespan.

Anchors are fundamental elements in reinforcing slopes and rock masses, as they offer solid ground anchorage, significantly improving its cohesion and strength. Their use ensures structural integrity and durability in civil engineering projects, minimizing the risk of collapses or damage.

They are executed by making a bore in the ground, introducing a steel bar, and then injecting cement grout into the space between them.

Anchors provide a counterforce to the movement of the sliding mass and support the loads generated when a detachment is retained in these stabilization systems.

At Solutioma, we offer various anchor solutions, each meticulously adapted to the needs and specific characteristics of each project. Anchors can be passive, naturally anchoring themselves by the pressure of the ground, or active, which are tensioned after installation to provide reinforced support.

Depending on the terrain’s characteristics, its length, bore diameter, and the most appropriate type of bolt will be determined.

Our bores and execution of anchors process at Solutioma follows a rigorous protocol, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. This includes precise drilling, meticulous insertion of anchors, and, if necessary, their adequate tension to ensure optimal anchorage. The entire procedure is carried out following strict safety and quality regulations, focusing on precision and reliability to ensure lasting and effective results.

At Solutioma, we have a wide range of specialized machinery owned for executing large diameter and deep length bores, to adapt each technique to the appropriate solution according to the terrain and its needs.



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Perforaciones y bulones Solutioma
Perforaciones y bulones en la autopista

Why choose Solutioma for the installation of anchors?

Choose Solutioma for bores and execution of anchors in your slope stabilization projects. Our team of experts is ready to offer customized and effective solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and find out how our services can strengthen and protect your project.

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