Hydro-blanket on slopes: innovation in erosion protection

The hydro-blanket on slopes is an advanced solution for erosion control. It is an eco-friendly anti-erosion membrane that is installed by spraying the products onto the terrain and it adapts to the microrelief of the shape of the ground, acting as a protective barrier, promoting revegetation, and preventing soil loss.

This technique is extremely effective and has revolutionized land conservation processes, offering an efficient and ecological method to control erosion.

Hidromanta - Andorra - 2016

The importance of the hydro-blanket in erosion control

The use of hydro-blankets on slopes is crucial for preventing soil erosion, especially in areas vulnerable to intense rains and surface run-off. This solution protects the soil and promotes a more stable environment for vegetation growth, thus enhancing the landscape and local ecosystem.

Hydro-blankets, also known as anti-erosion blankets, are made of biodegradable materials. This combination of materials provides effective soil coverage, protecting it against the erosive forces of water and wind.

Once applied, hydro-blankets help absorb the impact of raindrops, reducing the speed of runoff water and allowing the soil to retain more moisture. This is particularly beneficial in areas where the soil is exposed and susceptible to degradation.

The hydro-blanket is a hydroseeding technique that achieves greater persistence and better implantation by spraying seeds and fertilizer onto the terrain simultaneously.

Applied via hydraulic spraying, it reaches the entire surface of the land, adapting perfectly to it and forming a fibril membrane. This membrane, having dried, can be watered periodically and allows the preservation of the land and the seeds. 

Once the vegetation is established, this blanket biodegrades, enriching the soil.

Among its main features are:

  • Adaptability to the terrain’s micro-relief.
  • No special substrate preparation is needed.
  • Avoids problems of blanket lifting and erosion in gullies.
  • Excellent germination results as it allows moisture and sunlight to pass through.
  • Gradually releases moisture to nourish the soil.
  • Adheres to the majority of substrates.
  • Minimizes the destructive effects of intense rain.
  • Maintains its binding and cohesive strength.
  • Non-toxic and fully biodegradable, leaving no toxic residue.
  • Manufactured from a mix of wood fibers, binding agents, and organic and mineral activators.

At Solutioma, we are committed to innovation and sustainability in all our solutions. This system possesses all the qualities of a conventional geotextile, plus a significant reduction in labor costs and execution times.

Advice and customized solutions

At Solutioma, we understand that each project is unique. We offer customized hydro-blanket solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each slope and project. Our experience and comprehensive approach allow us to effectively and sustainably address erosion challenges.



Hidromanta - Andorra - 2016

Do you have any questions about hydro-blankets for erosion control?

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