The importance of green walls

Solutioma offers multiple alternatives to address various instability issues, as well as improvements in environmental integration.

Green walls, in terms of slope stabilization, act as retaining or gravity walls, with the front part of the wall fully vegetated and integrated into the landscape. This solution is especially suitable for residential areas or places of public interest.

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  • Muro verde en Benhavis
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How are the green walls?

Muro verde en Benhavis

It is a revolutionary system that extends bioengineering techniques in the construction of retaining walls, without height limitations and with a maximized landscape integration, thanks to the vegetal cover that develops across its entire surface.

Green walls are especially indicated as substitutes for soil retaining walls made of reinforced concrete, as their landscape impact is undoubtedly lesser. They also replace breakwaters, masonry, and gabions when rock is scarce. Applicable to all types of works where there are embankment slopes with inclinations of up to 80°.

Features of green walls

The green wall is composed of the following elements:

  • High-strength electro-welded mesh.
  • Reinforcement geomesh.
  • Geotextile mesh made of coconut and polypropylene fibers.
  • Fill material that is added as the wall is built.

At Solutioma, each green wall project is an opportunity to innovate and customize. We carefully evaluate factors such as stabilization needs and soil characteristics to ensure that each installation is effective and safe.

To devise the wall, we first conduct an exhaustive study of the terrain, with the corresponding calculation analysis, since depending on the characteristics of the terrain, angle of inclination, and the load that the wall will have to support, the type and length of the geomesh to be installed will differ.

In the final design, we also consider potential water filtration problems and, in these cases, install drainage systems. This type of structure allows for the implantation of both herbaceous species and shrub and climbing species.



Muro verde
Muro verde en Benhavis
Muro verde con anclajes

Do you have any more questions about green walls?

If you require any clarification, do not hesitate to contact our technical team, who will resolve any doubts you may have about green walls. We have years of experience and knowledge that we will put at your disposal from the first moment. What do you need?