Organic blankets on slopes, a natural, and efficient solution for erosion control

Organic blankets are an effective and environmentally friendly solution for erosion control. These systems, developed with organic and biodegradable materials, play a crucial role in the stabilization and restoration of slopes and hillsides.

At Solutioma, we offer solutions customized to the specific needs of each project for organic blankets on slopes.

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What are organic blankets, and how do they work?

Manta orgánica en Barcelona

Organic blankets are made from natural materials, such as coconut fibre, jute, among others.

They are placed on slopes to prevent soil erosion while simultaneously promoting vegetation growth.

Their porous structure allows for the retention of water and nutrients, facilitating the germination of seeds and the development of roots, which also strengthens the soil structure.

Organic blankets are an efficient and sustainable solution for slope stabilization and erosion control, offering several key benefits:

  • They increase water availability by encouraging infiltration and reducing evaporation.
  • They control erosion by absorbing the kinetic energy produced by erosive particles (raindrops, wind, snow, etc.).
  • They can absorb five times their weight in water, creating a more humid and favorable environment for the germination of seeds or the establishment of vegetative cover.
  • They regulate soil temperature by buffering exposure to cold and heat.
  • They have a degradation period of three to seven years.

At Solutioma, we offer comprehensive services with organic blankets, ensuring their effectiveness and durability.

Installation process

The installation process of organic blankets is meticulous and requires a specialized team to ensure proper coverage and integration with the environment.

Organic blankets are an integral and sustainable solution for stabilization and erosion control. At Solutioma, we are committed to providing customized and high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of each project.



Malla orgánica
Malla orgánica en Benidorm
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Do you have any more questions about organic blankets on slopes?

If your project requires an organic blanket for slopes or if you are seeking specialized advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact Solutioma. We offer customized solutions to ensure the stability and sustainability of your slopes. Fill out our contact form or call us at 900 101 895 for more information.