Debris flow barriers: advanced solutions for hydrological protection

Debris flow barriers are crucial structures in protecting vulnerable areas against natural phenomena such as mudslides, debris flows, and severe erosions.

These barriers are designed to withstand and contain the advance of large volumes of material, such as rocks, gravel, silt, and generally all kinds of sediments, which can be displaced during extreme weather events or due to changes in the natural landscape.

The need for effective protection

Barreras contra flujos de sedimentos Solutioma

In a world where extreme weather events are increasingly frequent, the need for effective protection is imperative.

Debris flow barriers not only protect essential infrastructures such as roads, bridges, and buildings but also safeguard human lives and preserve the environment.

Hydrological correction barriers are composed of a flexible ring net membrane, with high-strength steel wire, thus providing protection to people and infrastructures from possible uncontrolled hydrological movements.

Hydrological correction screens offer the following advantages:

  • They control and reduce the speed of water and, therefore, reduce the erosion caused by downstream currents.
  • On hydrophobic soil and land subject to erosion, such as soil following a fire, the eroded materials are retained on the riverbeds. Upstream waters, mud, crushed ceramics and vegetable remains are deposited, creating a very fertile and damp space, which is very useful to help the herbaceous stratum introduced to subsequently act as a colonizer for the rest of the land.
  • They prevent rocks, gravel, mud and debris of any type from being dragged into downstream reservoirs, thus reducing their capacity.

Debris flow barriers executed by Solutioma are placed in the middle of the path of the debris flows or landslides, often in natural trenches, channels, or slope ramps.

We adapt these barriers to the project’s dimensions, the anticipated debris material, and the expected flow volume, incorporating specific energy absorption elements to restrict the flow.

The solutions we apply at Solutioma cover a wide range of surroundings; in each case, we adapt our solutions to the specific needs of the place. For example, in mountainous regions, we focus on preventing landslides that may block roads or damage communities.

Solutioma for safety

Due to climate change, adverse weather phenomena that can cause the displacement of large volumes of masses, especially in areas with steep slopes, are becoming more frequent, needing prevention work through the installation of systems such as Debris Flow. 

It is a phenomenon in which masses of soil with water and fragmented rocks rush down mountain slopes, dragging along and accumulating in the valleys. It is a particularly dangerous phenomenon due to its rapid movement and often erupting without prior warning.

The solution we use to address these phenomena is hydrological correction screens, for Debris Flow control in streams and ravines.

At Solutioma, we are committed to innovation and sustainability in protections against debris flows. Our team of experts is always ready to design and implement customized solutions that meet your specific needs, combining the latest in technology with a deep respect for the environment.



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Barreras contra flujos de sedimentos
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