The versatility and strength of the stone gabions wall in slope stabilization

In slope stabilization, the gabion wall is an element in the form of a rectangular prism built with different types of materials, usually with double-twist mesh and filled with stones.

They offer excellent resistance performance and act as gravity walls. The characteristics of the double-twist mesh, which makes up their main structure, make them especially suitable for adapting to the terrain and encourage their drainage.

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Benefits of stone gabions walls in soil protection and stability

Varios muros de gaviones

Stone gabions walls behave as gravity walls, whose main characteristics include flexibility, durability, high capacity for environmental integration, adaptation to terrains, and drainage capability.

They are structured as a large rectangular prismatic box of variable materials, including wood, double-twist mesh, or electro-welded mesh.

In addition to functionality, gabion walls offer aesthetic value and naturally integrate into the surroundings. They encourage vegetation growth, improving biodiversity and contributing to environmental sustainability.

The gabion system is an extremely versatile solution, which we implement at Solutioma to address various issues.

Our intervention adapts to different contexts, encompassing applications such as retaining walls, ecological barriers, rockfall prevention, slope stabilization, and hydrological adjustments.

We provide various models of gabions with varied structures, identifying the specific requirements of the area to design the most suitable solution.

Double-twist mesh gabions

Mesh gabions are the most commonly used option. They act as gravity walls and have excellent retaining features. What’s more, due to the characteristics of the double-twist mesh cage, they hug the terrain to promote drainage and prevent interstitial pressure behind the gabion screen.

Wood gabions  

When appropriate and in places that have a high aesthetic value, we install gabions constructed with turned rounds or square sections of treated wood, filled with rock of the same type as used for mesh gabions.

Decorative and landscape gabions

Rigid and decorative gabions act like any other kind of gabion, but are aesthetically much more attractive (and less common). In this type of gabion, the cage is made of corrugated galvanized steel, which gives the gabion a neat, rectilinear look.

Selection of high-quality materials and durable construction

The selection of appropriate materials is key to the durability and efficacy of gabion walls. At Solutioma, we use corrosion-resistant metal meshes and quality rocks.

Innovation in installation and maintenance techniques

We implement advanced techniques in the installation and maintenance of gabion walls, ensuring efficiency and longevity.



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