This April 2024, we have something important to announce. The launch of our new website, a platform that reflects our commitment to innovation in all aspects of the company.

With a renewed design and improved functionalities, our website offers an optimized user experience and direct access to detailed information about our specialized services and projects, in all areas we usually work in: slope stabilization, rockfall protection, and erosion control.

Our services as a geotechnical and environmental engineering company

Red de cable estabilización taludes en el Lomo de los Dragos

Slope stabilization

Our long history has allowed us to understand the importance of keeping inclined areas safe and stable. For many reasons.

Our slope stabilization solutions use cutting-edge technologies, such as sprayed concrete, soil nailing, and reinforced meshes, among other advanced engineering techniques, to stabilize any type of slope.

This ensures the stability of the slopes, and also protects the infrastructure and the people living nearby. On our projects page, you can first-hand check all the projects we have participated in over the years.

Rockfall protection

Rockfall protection is crucial to prevent damage and defects in affected properties, as well as injuries and accidents to people in risk areas.

At Solutioma, we offer customized systems that include static and dynamic barriers, as well as double-twist mesh that effectively capture and redirect hazardous materials, among other advanced engineering techniques.

Do not hesitate to visit our completed projects section to see all that we can offer you. Ask for information without any commitment.

Malla para desprendimientos en la carretera
Hidrosiembra en taludes con vegetación

Erosion control

Erosion control is essential to preserve the environment and ensure the integrity of the land.

We use bioengineering techniques such as hydroseeding and three-dimensional geomats, which protect the soil and promote ecological restoration of the land.

On this same website, you can check that we have extensive experience in this type of project. Request personalized advice without any commitment.

Other areas where we also usually work…

Landscape and environment

At Solutioma, our fields of action extend beyond geotechnics. We actively participate in landscape and environmental works, where we apply our expertise in the conservation and improvement of natural spaces. 

From reforestation projects to the creation of ecological infrastructures such as bridges and wooden walkways, our commitment to the environment is reflected in every project we undertake. 

Discover how our services help maintain the natural balance, improving the functionality of the landscape and contributing to the conservation of our forests.

paisaje y medioambiente
trabajos de dificil acceso
Hard-to-reach jobs

The ability to handle projects in extreme and hard-to-reach conditions distinguishes us from our competition.

We specialize and other actions in places where conventional access is a challenge. This service is crucial for projects in mountainous, coastal, or complicated terrain areas.

Our experience and specialized equipment allow us to tackle unique challenges, ensuring safety and effectiveness in every operation, as well as the best possible results.

Would you like to receive personalized advice on our services?

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial department if you have any questions to ask us. We know that these types of projects are complicated, to choose the right technique it is necessary to be accompanied at all times by a team of qualified technicians and engineers like those we have on staff. Undoubtedly, our greatest value as a company.

That said, if you want us to study your project and make you a specific proposal, you can take a few seconds to complete this form with your details, and we will call you right away. You can also call us at 900 101 895 or email It’s that simple!