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Who we are?

A way of being

Solutioma is a specialist company whose experience and commitment to constant improvement make it a leading player in the present and future of slope stabilization, landslide protection and erosion control. We combine a youthful outlook with the know-how accrued over decades of experience in slope stabilization systems in Spain and abroad.

We live in a complex, constantly-changing world. But it's also a world that's full of opportunities. That's how we put the aptitude of our engineers to the test. It's one of Solutioma's strengths, and for our clients, it's the guarantee of a successful project.

Our way of working

Solutioma believes that by combining technology and the talent and determination of the people who work with us, constant progress is possible. Our human capital is experienced, professional, creative and committed. We relish a challenge and the opportunity to mobilize the forty different techniques we specialize in - using one of the biggest machinery fleets in the sector to develop solutions made to measure for every need.

Solutioma specializes in slope protection and stabilization, erosion control and landscaping. We design and engineer solutions and take the measures most appropriate to tackling every stabilization problem. With every project, the same concern: to adapt the solution to real requirements and ensure its integration in the surrounding environment. We install new solutions and perform maintenance on existing systems, working to specifications or devising made-to-measure technical proposals.

Our aim is to constantly improve the quality of our services and Solutioma works to offer the best possible solutions for our clients and society at large. Our policy is based on fundamental factors such as health and safety in the workplace, quality, corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment.

Our way of cooperating

It is our conviction that only by working together and sharing our experiences with other professionals can we provide effective answers to the constant upheavals that society and the planet are undergoing - changes that impact fully on our sector.

That's why Solutioma has played a leading role in the Spanish Association of Slope Stabilization Specialists (AEEET) since its foundation. The AEEET provides a forum for specialist companies to discuss the future of slope stabilization, landslide protection and erosion control in Spain. The AEEET's mission is to promote a sector that's of paramount importance for the safety of people and infrastructure, making the general public aware of the present and future relevance of the sector and working to promote professionalism and progress.

Solutioma was also instrumental in securing AEEET's membership of Conpymes, an association which works to promote inclusive capitalism and the contribution of SMEs to a fairer society.