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Soil nailing

Soil nailing is an embankment reinforcement technique which involves the insertion of reinforcement anchors in close array on the face of the embankment requiring stabilization. In combination with electro-welded steel mesh and a protective gunite facing, this solution guarantees the stability of the embankment during excavation work.

Soil nailing is particularly suitable for cut slopes and excavations where local terrain conditions can cause pressure to build up, causing soil to loosen and subside. Soil nailing not only guarantees the stability of the slope but also, as a consequence, provides safe working conditions for personnel at the foot of the embankment.

During staged excavation, a matrix of holes is drilled into the embankment to receive the anchors. Once grouted into position and capped, these anchors are fixed to the reinforcement system already in place. A layer of shotcrete is then applied to the finished assembly. The characteristics of the bolts, reinforcement system and shotcrete facing always depend on the required degree of stabilization.

Solutioma provides comprehensive soil nailing services from anchor insertion to shotcrete spraying, using the most advanced techniques and with its own machinery.