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For places where erosion needs to be controlled and hydro-sowing is not sufficient, Solutioma offers the hydro-blanket solution. It is an eco-friendly anti-erosion membrane applied by spraying the products onto the ground, which adapts to the microrelief of the shape of the ground. This product is extremely effective and has revolutionised processes of land preservation.

It is a unique ant-erosion device which has all the qualities of the conventional organic blankets with the addition of a significant reduction in labour costs and time. This is why it is the best answer to the various types of erosion.

Applied via hydraulic spraying, it reaches the entire surface of the land, adapting perfectly to it and forming a fibril membrane. This membrane, having dried, can be watered periodically and allows the preservation of the land and the seeds. Having added vegetation, the blanket biodegrades and enriches the soil. In fact, it is a kind of blanket that is produced on site.