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High-resistance membrane

A high-resistance membrane is the ideal solution for slopes with a high risk of detachment of materials such as rocks and soil. Many configurations are available on the market, and are an efficient stabilization alternative for certain types of slope.

The membrane is draped over the terrain and held in place by passive or active rock bolts designed to transmit loads down to the bedrock, thereby providing the required degree of resistance. Depending on the nature of the terrain, this solution may also incorporate horizontal cables for improved load absorption capacity and overall system resistance. Cable-reinforced flexible membrane restricts the movement of loose rock and large soil masses, holding them in place and preventing them from slipping. In certain situations this solution can be combined with erosion control systems to improve surface conditions on the slope.

Solutioma offers comprehensive high-strength reinforced membrane system solutions from the survey stage to design and engineering calculations. We'll help you pick the right kind of membrane and determine the strength of the rock bolts, the properties of the reinforcement cables, perimeter anchors, and more. Then we'll design and install the required solution.