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Gabions are cages made of mesh or wire, typically double-twist mesh. They are filled with rocks -rounded or rough-edged- and tensioned with wire. One advantage of gabions is that they require no cement for installation. All that's needed is preparation and levelling of the ground.

Solutioma can design and build the gabion solution best suited to the situation.

Mesh gabions

Mesh gabions are the most commonly used option. They act as gravity walls and have excellent retaining properties. What's more, due to the characteristics of the double-twist mesh cage, they hug the terrain to promote drainage and prevent interstitial pressure behind the gabion screen.

Wood gabions

When appropriate and in places that have a high aesthetic value, we install gabions built with turned round sections or square sections of treated wood, filled with rock of the same type as we use for the mesh gabions.

Decorative and landscape gabions

Rigid and decorative gabions act like any other kind of gabion, but are aesthetically much more attractive (and less common). In this type of gabion, the cage is made of corrugated galvanized steel, which gives the gabion a neat, rectilinear look.