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Dynamic rockfall barriers

When the risk to be dealt with consists of large rocks, landslides or avalanches and a great deal of energy must be absorbed in a short space of time, Solutioma’s Technical Department recommends the use of dynamic screens. These screens absorb the kinetic energy of the masses becoming detached by means of the deformation of the barrier itself and the energy dissipation elements.

A study is carried out to establish the most appropriate points for installing the dynamic barriers according to the possible trajectory of the falling materials. Furthermore, taking into account the impact that must be withstood, the size of the barrier is calculated to achieve optimum resistance and cost. They are therefore a much cheaper alternative that conventional solutions such as walls, trenches and cut-and-cover tunnels. With a relatively small amount of material -they are light structures-, large landslides are halted, which makes them ideal for places that are difficult to access.