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Double-twist mesh

Double-twist mesh systems can take various configurations. Most such systems are designed to retain or channel minor landslides of rocks whose size is greater than the mesh, preventing them from damaging the surrounding environment.

They can be used in conjunction with erosion control systems to improve the conditions of the terrain.

Suspended double twist mesh

The suspended mesh or mesh with counterweight is a solution that guides the landslide, rather than preventing it. The rocks slide in a controlled manner between the slope and the mesh and end up in the ditch rather than on the road.

Currently we work on roadsides and on railways. The installation work for any type of metallic mesh is carried out under the most stringent safety measures and always by teams of operatives specialised in working at height.

Double-twist mesh trap

"Goal net" mesh traps are designed for intercepting and channelling light to moderate rockfalls occurring at any point between the brow and the base of the slope. This system is a variant of the conventional draped mesh system and is especially suitable in zones with high terrain rising above the slope to be protected, as long as the relief permits the rockfall to be intercepted.

The mesh curtain is held up by poles or lightweight posts and strengthened by a longitudinal cable, enabling it to intercept small falling rocks and convey them safely to the foot of the slope.

Solutioma's technical department can design, develop and deploy the system best suited to every situation.

Reinforced mesh

Reinforced mesh solutions combine the protection offered by a double-twist draped mesh system placed over the embankment, with the strength of anchoring pins and steel reinforcement cables laid in different orientations: horizontal, vertical and/or diagonal.

This solution is especially effective in zones liable to minor rockfalls. The mesh is draped over the slope and acts by constricting surface movement and transmitting loads to the anchors. The mesh and anchoring system can be designed ad hoc to suit the appropriate anchoring and cable configuration, allowing it to adapt to the properties of the terrain without losing efficiency.

Solutioma designs and installs made-to-measure reinforced mesh systems which offer the best possible solutions in terms of optimization of resources.